Silent Disco Hire

A silent disco concept is an ever growing idea for party events worldwide using wireless multi-channel headphones. The concept has been delivered to festivals and other event venues with hugely renowned success. Now it can be your turn to host a party of your very own that you can share with your family and friends.

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What is it?

Silent Disco Kit brings our popular wireless headphones to you via our dry hire service. Delivered right to your door and incredibly easy to set up, you can create your own silent event exactly the way you want it by connecting your music playing devices to our two or three channel transmitters. Our silent disco headphones are a great idea for kids parties, weddings, festivals, house parties and much more.

Why use us?

We've been providing headphones to silent disco event since 2007 and worked with private clients as well as large well know festivals. You can plug in all the latest music technology (such as MP3's, DJ mixers, laptops) ensuring that you can play your favourite music. Contact us today to make Silent Disco Kit a part of your next event and bring your very own customised evening of music and entertainment.

Types of events

  • Festivals
  • Weddings and engagements
  • Birthdays and special occasions
  • Charity events
  • Student unions, nightclubs and Bars
  • Conferences
  • Schools and education

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